H²OGO is our most popular ride at ZORB Rotorua, New Zealand.

Visitors love nothing more than diving into a giant inflatable ball, having 40 litres of warm water added, being zipped in and being rolled downhill into happy, giggly oblivion.

Made in our onsite factory in Rotorua, each ZORB ball is handmade with love and takes about 40 hours to produce, weighing 100KGS!

We make our H²OGO water balls with a double zipper door system which means once someone is inside, they are safely inside and can’t come out by accident. People smoothly slide over the zipper door as they’re rolling down the hill making for a seamless ride experience.

So, make sure when you are comparing what we offer to what else there is on the market and consider your safe operating procedures before you make any hasty purchasing decisions.

The Outdoor Gravity New Zealand point of difference is that we use our own products, they are tested daily in a real commercial environment, we won’t sell you something that we wouldn’t roll down a hill in ourselves. And from recent research, there is nothing on the world-wide market that we’d even consider getting inside of to roll down a hill in!

If you currently own and operate a ball rolling site and you’re after a quality product, we’re happy to work with you or if you’re looking to start a business, refer to our ZORB Site Development and Consultation page.

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