Yeah, we get it, not everyone wants to get wet in the middle of winter, rolling down some crazy hill, in some far away country, on their holiday of a lifetime.

It was our General Manager Kelly Hemana (at ZORB Rotorua) that came up with “why don’t we have a double bubble”? David who always wants to make something new, managed to bust out a prototype for testing within a couple of weeks. We’ve been operating our dry ride at ZORB Rotorua for four years and it’s a fantastic addition to our product range and customer experience.

The ride experience is quite different from the H²OGO, people can stay fully dressed, there’s no getting wet and no flipping head over heels. They hop in with their friends and still experience the thrill of rolling downhill in a giant inflatable ball all in dry comfort.

The DRYGO is a perfect fit for a business affected by seasonal weather.

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