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Why Resort Towns around the world should consider a ZORB site

ZORB is an attractive, desirable and fun activity to add to a resort town, an existing adventure park or to extend seasonality in snow tubing destinations. The activity has excellent throughput capacity and is profitable.

As a destination driver this activity will attract a youthful staff, providing employment in seasonal destinations and giving visitors a reason to keep coming back to a holiday destination. Driving repeat visitation with ZORB is a breeze and we have proven recruitment and retention strategies coupled with marketing activations to keep those visitors coming back again and again.

  • Employment opportunities for youth or seasonal workers such as ski staff
  • Retain workers in the community for longer than just a ski season
  • ZORB is a great summer activity for snow tubing parks looking to expand product offering with little additional site development required.
  • Assists with spreading demand across the year
  • Visually attractive activity – highly instagramable
  • Suitable for ages 5 years & up – wide market appeal


ZORB site Design – our speciality

Having built numerous sites around the world, we know what it takes to design a site that is both functional, safe and profitable, that can also be scaled to increase in size over time as the business builds.

If you are unsure about what you need to consider when designing a site, we’re here to help and you can book time with us to discuss your requirements. We can work with you to develop an existing site or start from scratch if you have a blank canvas. Once you’ve booked in we’ll send you a list of items to have ready to share in advance of our meeting with you.

Take our online quiz – how ready are you to start your ZORB site? Fill out the online survey and it’ll give you a percentage score of where you are at.


Our top 5 tips for ZORB site design

We’ve got a free and ready to go top 5 tips for building a ZORB site, download here and we’ll send you a free PDF.
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