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Developing An existing Site

If you already have a downhill ball rolling site in operation and you’d like to take it to the next level, we are able to offer you our product development service, where we undertake the following:

  • In person or remote site audit – we’ll work with you to ascertain what your requirements are and the scope of the project. We can travel to you, or you can remotely walk us around your site
  • Documentation review – send us your standard operating procedures and manuals. We’ll put them to test against our own.
  • Ball care & maintenance – what sort of balls are you using, how are you caring for them? What’s your ball turnover rate?
  • Site set up review – how is your site laid out right now?
  • Staff training – share with us your staff training processes, how well do your team know the experience?
  • Site operations – what is the customer journey from when they arrive and roll?
  • Market assessment – is your site in the “right” place to make the most of the tourism dollar?

Product Development Recommendations

Following a full assessment, we can make recommendations on site improvements. We know what it takes to run a fun, profitable and safe business where you recoup your return on investment.

Having an effective layout to enable maximum throughput and efficiency is imperative when running a downhill ball rolling site and with our expertise, we can help you achieve this.

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