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If you love the idea of ZORB but you have no further experience of managing a project from start to finish, we can undertake the project management for your site.

The best place to start with this to figure out where you are placed in terms of getting this project underway is to take our ZORB SITE Development Quiz. This will help us determine where you are at with your thinking and all other key attributes that are required to kick start getting a ZORB site underway. At the end you’ll get a report and so will we!

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Our Project Management Experience

David, Andrew and Kelly have worked on developing XX ZORB sites in various locations around the world from a blank canvas with the quickest build taking approximately 3 months from start to finish.

From site design, raising capital, drainage, water supply, power, earthworks, ball return system design, the number of balls you need to have effective throughput to staff training – we know what it takes to get a premium ZORB site up and running. Our experience and knowledge have you covered.
We also have a team of experienced tourism destination, event, and product marketers that you can pull on for launching your new site. We know what sells!
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