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    Operations & Health/Safety


Drawing on our 25 years of experience of developing the ZORB product will ultimately save you time and money when it comes to putting together a well written and professional Standard Operating Procedures and a Safety Management System for your site.
Standard Operating procedure describe how you and your team members carry out day to day operations. This helps bring a consistent standard of delivery to the business and support the policies in the accompanying Safety Management System.
Under the New Zealand law, the ZORB activity falls under the Adventure Tourism Safety Regulations which oversee how unique activities operate and manage risk within their business.
Using our experience of working with government authorities around the world, we will assist with developing an operations manual that will meet local guidelines.
Having safe operating procedures, couple with Safety Management Systems means that you can promote your business directly to consumers with confidence. This coupled with our staff training systems will ensure that have set your site up for success from day one and will avoid costly mistakes with site design or poorly managed customer flow.


A safety management system is about how risk is mitigated to both staff, customers, and visitors to your place of business. A Safety Management System is driven by your safety culture plus a documented system to direct how you manage risk in your place of business.
The content of your SMS documentation is driven by:

  • the context and purpose of the operation
  • the result of risk and hazard management processes
  • ZORB industry good practice and any legal requirements

To be effective, your safety management system must be driven by a strong safety culture and have regular reviews.
Working with us on a consultation basis for site development, set up and staff training will incorporate the provision of developing a Safety Management System and Standard Operating Procedures.
Already have a site that you’re operating. No problem, we can do an audit, make recommendations and assist getting the documentation up to standard.

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