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ZORB New Zealand Case Study – NESTA Resort, Kobe, Japan

In 2019, we were contacted by the team at Nesta Resort in Kobe, Japan. The client initially wanted to purchase some dry ZORB balls to complement the activity offering they currently had available at their resort complex.

After further discussion with the team we found out that the intent was to set up a ZORB site at a large family resort complex featuring a number of hotels and activities in the hills up out of Kobe in Japan. The ZORB operation was to be part of a wider adventure park development featuring zip-lines, summer tubing, ropes courses, boating, etc and a large number of participants (domestic and international) year-round was anticipated.

We arranged to view images and maps of the site and then made an initial visit in October 2019 to assess the potential for a ZORB operation. This revealed a tricky site which was 100m wide and 150m long, with good natural fall but no flat ground at the bottom of the hill. This necessitated designing tracks for dry and wet ZORB balls that curved to finish at right angles to the natural fall, and a curved wall to stop the ZORB balls at the end.


The site design included 3 tracks and a vehicle return path, and also incorporated a ‘cross-over’ track where the balls on one track crossed through another track and over the side wall.

Covid struck early on in the build making further trips to Japan impossible, so much of the consultation from ZORB NZ was done via Zoom, video and e-mail, including:

  • Site and track design
  • Track testing and assessment
  • Video training on maintenance and operations
  • Written Operating and Safety Management Plans

ZORB NZ also supplied engineered ZORB return system CAD drawings and 10 ZORB balls for initial start-up.

Earthworks for the new site began in Feb 2020. With the site officially opening in October 2020 despite the obvious disruptions due to Covid.


ZORB NZ has an ongoing relationship with NESTA resort including the annual supply of ZORB balls to replace them as needed.

October 26, 2022