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Brothers Andrew and David Akers from ZORB New Zealand are the inventors and worldwide experts on site building and operations, not to mention manufacturing the highest quality balls specifically designed for rolling downhill in.

Adhering to the New Zealand Adventure Tourism Safety Regulations overseen by the New Zealand Government means that working with ZORB New Zealand on your next adventure park project assures you of having a rigorous operations plan with safety at the forefront of our services.

David and Andrew have 25 years of experience of product design, site design and ball manufacturing
combined with being the only ZORB site in the world that operates and manufactures, we know what it takes to make a site great,
efficient, and profitable !

ZORB New Zealand our Consultation Services

We provide the following consultation services:

What we make at ZORB New Zealand

ZORB isn’t our only ingenious idea that we’ve come up with over the years and if land is an issue for you, check out Fishpipe and ZORB in a BOX as another option. And we even have a very cool, low impact on the land automated return system to get balls back to the top of the hill and a range of ZORB balls that we manufacture for commercial use – both water and dry options.
The center of our World ZORB Universe is based in Rotorua, New Zealand where we manufacture and host visitors from all over the world.

  • ZORB in a Box

    ZORB™ in a Box

    ZORB™ in a Box is a container loaded with equipment constructed in our factory on site at ZORB in Rotorua, New Zealand. ZORB™ in a Box is a kitset ZORB™ site that can be easily put together to create your own functional downhill ball-rolling site without the need for costly earthworks or in ground construction.

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    ZORB™ in a Box
  • H²OGO

    H²OGO is our most popular ride at ZORB Rotorua, New Zealand. Visitors love nothing more than diving into a giant inflatable ball, having 40 litres of warm water added, being zipped in and being rolled downhill into happy, giggly oblivion.

    Made in our onsite factory in Rotorua, each ZORB ball is handmade with love and takes about 40 hours to produce, weighing 100KGS!

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